Actor Thapelo Mokoena described the Bakoena Beard Care products as a game changer for the man crown.

They say a man’s beard is his crown, and South African actor Thapelo Mokoena is hoping to keep that crown in check.

The Bulletproof actor announced on social media on Thursday that his Bakoena Beard Care range will be a game-changer for men.

“Grooming is a very important part of the African man’s daily routine and Bakoena Beard Care was developed for the modern African man who is looking to enhance that trendy bearded look,” said Mokoena, the founder and CEO of Bakoena Brands.

Mokoena said that over the years, he has received many requests for grooming tips.

“As someone who has enjoyed experimenting with scents, textures and products, I decided to embark on an experiential journey to create authentically African products which cater to the unique needs and textures of African hair and skin,” Mokoena explained.

He partnered with award-winning aesthetician and somatologist, Jared Hines, to help bring his vision to life.

The products are infused with the scents of an African home and pay tribute to Mokoena’s Basotho and Zulu lineage.

“If a man’s crown is represented by his beard, and his wisdom by how well he nurtures it, then where we’re from, we call that man a real goat,” Mokoena said in the promotional video.

With the tagline, “FOR REAL G.O.A.Ts”, Mokeoena hopes to not only keep the beard gangs’ crowns glowing but to also be the number one choice in male grooming.

By: Celeste Martin

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