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“Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find what you are lookin for. Lekoa fm 91.0 is a Radio Station based in the heart of the Vaal Triangle, at Vereeniging Mark Park. We are the new beat of the Vaal and have been pumping positive vibes, news and education to our listeners for the past 3 years.”

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Local stars join ‘Light SA Red’ campaign in support of struggling artists

Local celebrities heeded the call “Light SA Red” to support the “dying” entertainment industry. The #LightSAred campaign on Wednesday called all South African technical production and live events industry to stand together to make their voices heard. This movement aims to support thousands of musicians, artists, sound engineers, dancers, deejays, actors, theatres practitioners, photographers, who for over five months have been unable to work since the ban on all events, due to the coronavirus pandemic. South African were urged to […]

Anele Mdoda hits back after tweeps strike again for her comments on Kelly

Radio personality Anele Mdoda once again found herself on the Twitter trends list this week when tweeps again dragged her into a conversation about US star Kelly Rowland. It’s been more than nine months since Anele first faced the social media firing squad for her comments about Kelly and it does not look like she will be able to live this one down. She suggested that the Grammy Award-winning singer was not as good looking as many people believed, and […]

Lasizwe faces homophobic responses after ’I stand with Zimbabwe’ post

Local entertainer Lasizwe spoke out about the homophobic comments he’s been receiving after showing support for the people of Zimbabwe. This comes after claims of human rights violations started surfacing online with many users joining the #ZimbabweLivesMatter movement to create awareness about what is happening in the country. The “@Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It“ star also joined in and posted ”I stand with Zimbabwe” on his Twitter page earlier this week. There were many Zimbabwean users who were […]

Robots running the industrial world are open to cyber attacks

Industrial robots are now being used to assemble everything from airplanes to smartphones, using human-like arms to mechanically repeat the same processes over and over, thousands of times a day with nanometric precision. But according to a new report entitled “Rogue Automation,” some robots have flaws that could make them vulnerable to advanced hackers, who could steal data or alter a robot’s movements remotely, like a scene out of science fiction. “Attacks on industrial environments in these sectors could have […]

Reggie Banda


“Mr Reggie Banda is born and bred in the vaal triangle at the kasie called zone 14 sebokeng and blessed with 03 kids and supported by the most adorable; loving friend and Wife keke B.
Recognisable for being the Lekoa Fm Station Manager;under the organization of Lekoa Mult-Media and Communication Development Canter.”


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