Law enforcement officials are busy recovering some of the goods stolen during the looting incidents in Soweto.

Calm has been restored in most parts of the township and cleaning up operations have  continued on Friday, with communities volunteering to clean up the mess left during the looting of shopping malls.

Police, with the help from members of the community are going all out to recover some of the goods stolen during the lootings in Gauteng.

Fifteen people have already been arrested in Diepsloot north of Johannesburg with stolen building material.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMDP) Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says stolen fridges, double-door and single-door fridges and coffee machines were recovered from a house in Diepkloof, Soweto and one person was arrested.

Another person was also arrested in Naledi after building material, allegedly stolen during the looting was recovered. Minnaar says the operation will be intensified.


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