Three people have died after a fatal shooting in Chatsworth. Two people were beheaded, allegedly as an act of community violence for shooting the first victim. Courtesy of #DStv403

DURBAN – One person has been shot dead and two people have been beheaded and their bodies burned in Shallcross in Durban on Monday.

The victim of the fatal shooting is suspected drug kingpin, Yaganathan Pillay, also known as “Teddy Mafia”.

The two people who were beheaded were suspected to have been involved in the shooting.

Brigadier Jay Naicker explained, “the daughter of this well-known drug dealer, was informed by her father that he would be expecting visitors earlier this <Monday> afternoon. She left him and went to the back of the house. Shortly after that, she heard gunshots and when they investigated they found he had been shot. He was rushed to hospital, where we were told, he later passed on.”

“In the interim, the community had apprehended two of the alleged attackers. They were assaulted in an open area. There are videos and pictures circulating of them being beheaded and they were then set alight.”

“When police officers arrived on the scene, responding to reports of gunshots in the area, they came under attack from this very community.”

Brigadier Naicker said public order police had to be called in to disperse the crowds before they could begin investigations on the scene.

Source: eNCA