Cilliers Brink said if they don’t put Tshwane’s finances on a healthy footing, it will compromise service delivery.

The City of Tshwane’s newly elected Mayor, Cilliers Brink said that if they do not get the city’s finances back on track, they risk becoming a c-grade metro.

Brink was elected by the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led multiparty coalition on Tuesday night.

The city had been leaderless for two months following former mayor Randall Williams’ resignation.

Brink said that his new mayoral committee has acknowledged mistakes Williams made, and will work to redeem the city from his mismanagement.

The new mayor said he plans on being more transparent.

“The findings of the auditor-general have been devastating so it’s very important for us to admit those mistakes and what is important now is to be candid about those mistakes, to be candid about what we have discovered, and to come up with a clear plan about how to address it, because if we don’t put Tshwane’s finances on a healthy footing it will compromise service delivery.”

Brink said he wants to work with opposition parties in council.

“It is the responsibility of the mayor to take those elected representatives seriously because they were legitimately elected, and I think it’s in everybody’s interest that there is proper service delivery, proper accountability. If we don’t restore that measure of trust and normality, I think we do risk losing the trust of the people.”

By: Tamika Gounden

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