The Western Cape Premier said no response was received on his first letter, and that he would be writing to President Cyril Ramaphosa again.

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde says he remains deeply concerned about national government’s continued lack of urgency and detailed action in response to the country’s energy crisis.

Winde this past Friday convened another meeting of the Western Cape Energy Council to receive an update on efforts to reduce the impact of loadshedding on the Western Cape.

It was also the deadline for President Cyril Ramaphosa to respond to the premier’s letter requesting that a national state of disaster be declared to better manage the response to the power crisis.

Winde wrote to the president earlier this month stressing the need for decisive action.

The premier said he received no response to his letter, and planned to request an urgent meeting with Ramaphosa.

“I know that the president didn’t call the PCC [Presidential Climate Commission] and I’m grateful for that, but once again, even at the PCC, we don’t have the exact detail on how much energy is going to be pulled in or extra new energy in place when it’s going to happen…”

Winde said not only was loadshedding ravaging the economy, but there was also the risk of food insecurity due to the devastation being wrought on the agricultural sector. This, he believed, had the potential to develop into a humanitarian crisis.

“So, I will now be writing once again to say now I need that urgent meeting to get that exact detail so that we have clarity so that our businesses [and so] our citizens can plan, can invest, can make those decisions based on a concrete plan that shows what energy provision is going to be made in South Africa,” Winde said.

By: Lauren Isaacs

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