The online memorial includes the personal stories of 20 families who lost loved ones.

Last week, proceedings at the High Court in Pretoria were adjourned for three consecutive days after the former Director for Gauteng Mental Health Services, Dr Mmakgabo Manamela, failed to appear. It remains unclear if she will come before the Life Esidimeni Inquest on Wednesday.

Manamela is supposed to give evidence in the High Court in Pretoria. She has failed to pitch, citing ill health and difficulties to upload evidence documents.

The court has since authorised a warrant of arrest for her.

We found food that was undigested in her system. She was so weak there was no way she could have chewed any. So my question why did they forcefully feed her? So this was done so that there should be some food in the system when the postmortem was done. It is painful how they responded.”

The inquest is probing whether there are individuals that could be criminally charged for the deaths of 144 mental ill patients.

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