VODACOM on Tuesday unveiled a support package for job seekers under its ConnectU portal.

Vodacom said it was committed to helping job seekers by combining voice and data offers, continued access to learning and skills through UAcademy and access to zero-rated job sites housed under ConnectU portal.

Chief officer for consumer business at Vodacom, Jorge Mendes, said: “Due to the pandemic, half a million South Africans lost their jobs in 2020 according to Stats SA. This has made the means to access opportunities even more critical, from finding a new job and reskilling, to ensuring your curriculum vitae is relevant for future skills.”

Mendes said the ConnectU platform, which was launched last April, had seen more than 250 000 customers accessing the company’s portal monthly.

“With this campaign, we aim to create visibility and awareness related to our support packages, and we encourage our customers to take advantage of them,” Mendes said.