Undertakers are this week dealing with a huge backlog of funerals because many could not conduct burials last week due to the unrest in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Many families have had to delay burying their loved ones due to the volatile situation in many areas.  The COVID-19 pandemic is also contributing to the backlog with many undertakers forced to bury people daily.

John Storom, the chairperson of the Funeral Federation of South Africa, says the impact of the pandemic which results in the temporary closure of some Home Affairs offices due to employees testing positive, is also adding to their woes.

“Right now, this week we are dealing with backlogs because they could not bury. You find they could not do death registrations and if you cannot register the death, you cannot bury that person. Or alternatively, you have the worst situation where you have organized everything you are ready to bury on that day but there’s upheaval in your area and you are not able to get to the family and the family is not able to get to the cemetery.”

source: SABCNEWS