Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi urged residents who could afford to pay for services to do so.

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi said that Soweto’s services debt could not simply be written off.

He urged residents who could afford to pay for services to do so.

During his visit to Zola 3 in Soweto, Lesufi addressed the community on electricity and safety challenges in the area.

Community members from Zola, Naledi, and other parts of Soweto gathered at Emzansi Park to voice their grievances on a number of concerns, including electricity, safety issues, high drug use, and a lack of proper housing.

The residents expressed their frustration with Eskom for always cutting off their power due to non-payment, saying that it was unfair. They also added that they were rejecting the R6,000 fine imposed by the utility, claiming it was too expensive.

However, the premier emphasised the need for residents to pay for services and promised to address the issues raised.

“Until we remove the debt of electricity in Soweto, we are not going to resolve the problem of electricity in Soweto. We must agree on a process because we can’t hide behind the poor when you are employed or you run businesses in our township,” said Lesufi.

Meanwhile, with the country plunged in darkness, the residents vented their frustration over rolling blackouts, with some threatening to take their anger to the streets if nothing was done to remedy the situation.

By: Dominic Majola

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