Ramaphosa warns COVID-19 could eradicate Africa’s developmental gains

24 May 2021

President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned that many of Africa’s developmental gains may be reversed as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic takes precedence over national priorities such poverty eradication.

In his weekly letter to the nation on the eve of Africa Day, President Ramaphosa says Africa must become a thriving and prosperous continent, not one on which people are struggling to survive.

Ramaphosa urges Africa to work towards rebuilding its economy:

At last week’s summit of a number of African leaders and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, President Ramphosa said it was established that leaders and international organisations share a collective responsibility to implement financial relief measures for African countries in distress.

He says the continent is pushing for a comprehensive economic stimulus package to assist in COVID-19 post-recovery, as well as greater allocation of International Monetary Fund (IMF) money to bolster the financial reserves of African countries.

This, however, must not be a substitute for official development aid and continental self-reliance.

Source: SABCNews



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