Constance van Niekerk


Norma Gigaba (nee Mngoma) has spilled the beans on her marriage to estranged husband, Minister Malusi Gigaba in an exclusive interview with eNCA yesterday. She has revealed some very sensitive information about the Minister and his involvement with the Guptas. Apparently, Norma and the minister are currently going through divorce proceedings. Norma was arrested in August this year on charges of assault and malicious damage to property. Her case was postponed to February 2021. It is no wonder many are wondering, is she doing this for the sake of Justice or Revenge?

Surely, women should speak out, but what is the motive behind the ‘tell-it-all’? Are we witnessing a full-blown battle between former lovers? A case of sour grapes perhaps. They do say, ‘There’s a thin line between love and hate.” Why is she speaking out now?

Norma also denies that the leaked minister’s s#@x tape had anything to do with her. She also made fun of the minister before the entire world. The man she defended after a scandalous affair with one Buhle Mkhize, a New York-based stylist, is the same man she is destroying today.

“This woman is obsessed with me. At some point she apologised, saying she didn’t mean what she said, but still continued. I did not tell her to sleep with my husband. Malusi admitted it and said it was a mistake. We are over it, but I will always call her a prostitute for demanding money,” Norma told the Sunday Tribune in 2016.


One Godwin tweeted that Norma has actually disarmed herself because of the need to be heard:

What exactly has she gained by this spilling of beans? Is silence no longer golden? This is probably a lesson to all high profile people, let your spouses sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

What’s next in this battle of the exes?