More than 200 000 people affected by suspension of SASSA payments at pay points

15 July 2021

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) says more than 200 000 beneficiaries have been affected by the suspension of social grant payments at pay points due to ongoing protests in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

The agency says most affected are those in rural areas as they only access their money through pay points.

It also says the cash-in-transit industry raised concerns that they are unable to move money around as it is currently not safe.

SASSA Spokesperson, Paseka Letsatsi has appealed for patience from the beneficiaries.

“We would want to appeal to the beneficiaries to understand that it is very dangerous for everybody to go into those areas but we are saying we are in constant interaction with the cash-in-transit and the SAPS and if we get the signal that it is safe to move the money around we will definitely do that.”

On Tuesday, SASSA in Limpopo also said social grant payment at pay points has been suspended due to ongoing protests in different parts of the country.

The agency said all the cash transit teams have been ordered not to deliver cash to pay points after a risk assessment was conducted.

SASSA’s Spokesperson, Norman Kutama, said they won’t be paying cash at the pay points until further notice.

“We won’t be paying at cash pay point because of the withdrawal of the companies that deliver cash in our communities in the main reason is to ensure that we protect the lives of the vulnerable particularly the elders those who receive their social grant at pay point,” says Kutama.

Kutama said beneficiaries can use alternative means to get their grants, like withdrawing from shops and banks.

“But for now we are saying to beneficiaries they can try and use other alternative methods like visiting their merchants and the banks where they can receive their monies until the situation calms to normality this is a preventative measure that has been taken by the security company that we used to deliver social grant to the communities.”

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