Metrobus strike enters its seventh day, wage negotiations deadlocked

12 May 2021

The Metrobus strike in Johannesburg enters its seventh day on Wednesday with no end in sight. More than 30 000 commuters are affected.

The Democratic Municipal Workers Union (Demawusa) has tabled 28 demands. These include an 18% salary increase, a R15 000 COVID-19 allowance and a 14th cheque.

The bus company Metrobus has refused to enter into wage negotiations, saying it’s looking at other ways to resolve the dispute.

Wage negotiations remain deadlocked.

Demawusa says it is not backing down. Spokesperson Deon Makhura, says the strike will continue until their demands are met.

“For now, we are deadlocked because last week we went to Metrobus and they told us for us to speak to them we must withdraw the strike. We are demanding an increase of 18% and we are demanding that employees who have been dismissed must be reinstated and it is an indefinite strike and it is not going to stop if the employer doesn’t come to the table.”


Metrobus Spokesperson, Goodwill Chivuri says unruly elements are threatening 98% of the staff who are willing to work.

Below is the full interview with ChiVuri:




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