• South Africa will probably be hit by Stage 4 load shedding until Thursday.
  • Power outages may continue for the next ten days, as Eskom warns that it will take weeks to recover from an unlawful strike.
  • After long delays, Koeberg’s unit 2 was expected to come online by the end of July and alleviate pressure on the grid with 920 MW.

South Africans can expect Stage 4 load shedding until midnight for the next few days, with Stage 2 between midnight and 05:00.

This may be downgraded to Stage 3 during the day on Friday, with Stage 2 expected over the weekend, if offline power stations are returned as expected.

Full details on https://www.news24.com/fin24/economy/load-shedding-to-continue-into-next-week-as-eskom-battles-to-recover-after-strike-20220711