Lambda variant has not been detected in SA: NICD

7 July 2021

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says the new coronavirus variant, Lambda, that is circulating in other countries has not been detected in South Africa.

The Lambda was first detected in Peru.

However, it has been found in Zimbabwe and this sparked fears of it possibly being in the country.

NICD acting executive director, Adrian Puren, says they are monitoring this new development.

“Categorically we have not detected this particular variant. As you know in SA we do have a network of laboratories together with private sector that are constantly monitoring variants that are in circulation and obviously focusing of interest or of concern. It is a bit of a concern because of its distribution but at this time we have a very little information around this particular variant,” explains Puren.

The NICD acting executive director was speaking on Morning Live:

On Tuesday, South Africa recorded the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths since the third wave started, after 457 people died overnight.

The NICD has reported 15 501 new coronavirus infections in the country.


SOURCE: Department of Health & National Institute of Communicable Diseases


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