The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in KwaZulu-Natal is concerned about the growing number of break-ins at various Post Offices the day before social grants are paid. The Howick and Glencoe Post Offices were broken into last week and laptops as well as SASSA cards were stolen.

At the Glencoe Post office, R120 000 was stolen, as well as two laptops that are used for grant applications and SASSA payment cards.

SASSA’s KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson, Sandy Godlwana, says they are also concerned about a scam where funds have been withdrawn from recipients’ cards without their knowledge.

“SASSA is concerned by the rising numbers involving break-ins in Post Offices with the sole intention of stealing money as well as SASSA cards. On Wednesday, the 2nd of June 2021, the Howick and Glencoe Post Offices in KwaZulu-Natal were broken into and laptops, money and SASSA cards were stolen on the eve of the commencement of social grant payments for the elderly. The SASSA cards have been designed to protect social grant beneficiaries from unlawful deductions, however, the is an emerging trend or scam where beneficiaries’ funds are withdrawn from their cards without the beneficiaries’ knowledge.”

Godlwana says new applicants will be requested to provide a bank account number as SASSA will not be issuing new social grant cards.

“As SASSA, we will leave no stone unturned to fight fraud with regards to social grants. We exercise zero tolerance to anyone who commits fraud in the social grants environment. We urge anyone who may have information on the robberies or people who defraud beneficiaries, to contact SASSA or their nearest police station. We also appeal to law enforcement agencies to act swiftly in apprehending the perpetrators.”