Funeral service for some members of the Cradock Four.


This year marks 37 years since the killing of the Cradock Four. Fort Calata, Matthew Goniwe, Sparrow Mkonto, and Sicelo Mhlawuli were murdered by the apartheid regime on the 27th of June in 1985.

To commemorate this day, the Fort Calata Foundation in partnership with Rhodes University and the National Arts Festival, launched an exhibition called Inqaba yesizwe at Rhodes University in Makhanda.

In an effort to remember fallen heroes, the movie “Thina Sizwe” was screened prior to this.

37 years later, the families of the Cradock four are still calling for justice for the murders of their loved ones.

The Calata family says this day evokes emotions and they demand action before it’s too late.

Lukhanyo Calatha says, “I think justice for us means two things, there’s obviously the restorative justice where we are hoping that individuals will be charged and will be brought to a court of law. Then the court will then be given the opportunity to express itself on the guilt or innocence of the people that have been charged with the murders of the Cradock Four.


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