There have been unverified claims on Twitter, that this fire destroyed evidence of that tender.But the Enoch Mgijima Municipality responsible for the stadium, says that claim is completely false.

The Enoch Mgijima municipality says the fire in Komani, which occurred on Monday night, was at an unused art gallery. The building belongs to the municipality. A video of the fire was circulated on social media with users speculating it is the municipal building that has been torched.

Municipal Spokesperson, Lonwabo Kowa says the Municipality was engaged in talks with potential tenants from both the public and the private sector for the building.

“The building was not used, it had been leased out by the municipality to the Department of Sport and Recreation, but at the moment, when the fire happened there was no one using the building. As the municipality, we are still in discussions with potential buyers. There was no files or assets kept in the building as it has never been used for administration since 2016,” says Kowa.

Source: sabcnews