Mabuza took the opportunity during his address at his brother’s funeral to support his successor in the ANC as the person waiting in the wings to become the country’s number two.

Deputy President David Mabuza’s public announcement of his resignation this weekend appears to have thrown the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons.

This as pressure mounts on President Cyril Ramaphosa to reconfigure his Cabinet soon.

Mabuza, during his address at his brother’s funeral, also propped Paul Mashatile, his successor in the ANC, as the person waiting in the wings to become the country’s number two.

It seems DD Mabuza’s announcement over the weekend was a calculated move.

The man dubbed “the cat”, who rose to the second most powerful seat in the land through a partnership with Paul Mashatile in 2017, has come out betting for his successor.

Eyewitness News understands this happens as a tussle between Mashatile and some of Ramaphosa’s lieutenants takes place in the background.

The ANC deputy’s supporters have accused some of the key players in Ramaphosa’s camp of trying to frustrate Mashatile’s journey to the union buildings.

In some instances, they have even blamed this on something as simple and divisive as tribal politics as the country’s top two would represent minority tribes.

Meanwhile some in the President’s corner have argued while its tradition there is no rule dictating that Mashatile should be deputy president.

It was understood several scenarios had been explored. However, in all likelihood, when the dust settles Mashatile will be South Africa’s second-in-command.

He is due to be sworn in as a member of Parliament on Monday.

By: Tshidi Madida

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