City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena says the entity is owed about R4 billion by businesses and residents.

City Power says it will be expanding its disconnection drive to other parts of Johannesburg where there are high rates of non-payment.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena said the entity was owed about R4 billion by businesses and residents.

He said they hoped their three-day disconnection drive in Alexandra encouraged other customers to settle their utility bills.

Despite going back on their promise to cut illegal connections in Alexandra homes, Mangena said their revenue collection programme was a success.

He said the utility disconnected power to 20 business in the area who had defaulted on their accounts, the majority of which were reconnected after settling or paying a portion of their bills.

“Over and above the rands and cents, it’s basically for people to see that we are serious about these revenue collection issue.

“We are serious about them… holding their end of obligation in terms of servicing their debts.”

Mangena said City Power’s large debt has hampered efforts to effectively supply electricity to the rest of Johannesburg.

By: Thabiso Goba

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