Renowned epidemiologist, Professor Salim Abdool Karim, has suggested that vaccines become mandatory in some sectors, such as healthcare, saying those in the industry who choose not to vaccinate should be required to provide a weekly negative COVID-19 test.

Several countries across the globe already have the requirement in place for some sectors.

Karim says this is for society’s benefit at large.

“You, taking the vaccine, is actually reducing the risk for many other people. There is a case for society’s benefit that people should take the vaccine. I don’t think that the government should simply make it a blanket mandate. But I think that mandatory vaccines should be implemented in certain sectors. The clearest example for me is healthcare and for those who choose not to be vaccinated, there is an alternative – they ensure that they provide a negative test result on a weekly basis.”

Court cases

Earlier this month, the Labour Department warned of several court cases as some companies plan to introduce mandatory vaccination policies.

South Africa’s largest medical scheme administrator Discovery Health has become the first company in South Africa to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for all staff from the beginning of next year. It says it wants to ensure the safety of its workers and the environment in which they operate.

This as major global companies from banks to airlines insist on inoculation.


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