The Rhythm Direct

The Rhythm Direct is a music show that primarily focuses on new music (80%) also with a touch of those yesterday year's hits just to tickle your life's [...]

12:00 am

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Miracle Moments

Enjoy the presence of God in a never ever seen before way. Miracle Moments is a word-based, power-filled show, as a matter of fact, it is an encounter [...]

4:00 am

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Reggae and Dancehall Show

Reggae & Dancehall Show is mainly a musical show that airs every Saturday from 6-8 am, catering for Reggae and Dancehall lovers.  It includes [...]

6:00 am

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Saturday mornings, we are in the kids’ corner on Ikhayalethu Kids’ Show. This a show that's tailor-made for kids and offers them an opportunity to engage [...]

8:00 am

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Legal Point of View

This program is a robust current affairs talk show.[...]

9:00 am

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Mmino wa Mehleng

Enjoy some old school S.A. music every Saturday afternoon on Mmino wa Mehleng, the show is about reminding listeners about the good old days & also [...]

12:00 pm

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016 Evolution

Ever heard of a weekend afternoon drive show? Well, take a shot left to the 016 Evolution every Saturday afternoon and have a taste of a weekend afternoon [...]

3:00 pm

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The Heartbeat Avenue

Saturdays nights are a time to chill as we listen to International golden olden skool. It’s a variety show of Funk, Disco, Pop, Rock and Soul (Upbeats [...]

6:00 pm

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Cab Drive

Let's go on a Cab Drive, enjoy the beautiful night sky as your musical taste buds are tantalized with sounds cutting across all genres of music. The Cab [...]

9:00 pm

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