The Midnight Café

The Midnight Cafe is a music show with Deep house at its core. The show gives the listener the taste of new and classic music with even a feature that puts the spotlight on local and international house music makers. The Midnight Cafe airs every Sunday from midnight to 3 am with the Night Rider, Hlonie L. Mavuso.

12:00 am

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Diba se Maphodi

Enjoy some clap and tap choral music and different genres of Gospel music and a bit of motivation.[...]

3:00 am

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Sundays are for Gospel, right? And this is a Word-Based Talk show from 07:00 - 10:00 playing International Contemporary Gospel. We discuss and debate [...]

7:00 am

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Tsoseletso ya Moya

Sundays are for refuelling as we quench our spiritual thirst with contemporary Gospel Music on Tsoseletso ya Moya. The show encompasses Christian [...]

10:00 am

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Laidback Sounds

Enjoy soulful Saturday afternoons with some laid back sounds on the show that is all about introducing new released Soul/Afro-Soul music to the listeners [...]

12:00 pm

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Sunday Soul Serenade

Let's take a ride to the good old soulful days and just stay for a while on the Soulful Movement, the second part of the Sunday Passionate Journey. This [...]

3:00 pm

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The Fountain of Jazz

There’s no better way to end the week than calming the nerves and chilling to some mellow sax fused with piano keys, light-hearted trombones and all [...]

6:00 pm

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Harsh Realities

Let’s talk all things marriage and relationships…. Harsh Realities discuss marital issues and aims to build long-term relationships and avoid divorce. Did [...]

9:00 pm

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