Brand Africa has awarded South Africa’s public broadcaster, the SABC, with the Media Gold Award for the most admired media brand in Lesotho, in the 2022 Brand Africa 100-awards. In a prestigious ceremony in Maseru, SABC scooped the first place as the Media Brand of choice in Lesotho.

SABC News Correspondent in Lesotho, Rapelang Radebe, tested brand appreciation in the streets of Maseru.

“To many, the SABC is a house brand while others may not really separate which one is SABC 1, 2 but they are familiar with that particular brand,” says Radebe.

“I do the news and soapies also the documentaries are so educational,” a viewer said.

“I do my mom watched the news. News I get updated each and every hour something comes up. I don’t see Lesotho news often but yes with news we’re updated almost everyday,” another viewer explains.


source: SABCNEWS