School learners line up and social distance while getting screened.

Some parents in Pretoria, whose children remain unplaced, have threatened to disrupt lessons as learners at inland schools will start the 2022 academic year on Wednesday.

Coastal schools will reopen next week.

In Ga-Rankuwa, north of the city, parents queued at the Department of Education offices trying to secure spaces for their grade one and grade eight children.

They have told SABC News that they are frustrated over what they say is the inconvenience of the online registration system.

“Most of the responsibilities of the placement are given to the district [offices] and it doesn’t meet the wishes of the parents as their children are [not] placed at the schools of their choice. Like myself, they gave me Akasia and Amandasig. Now I’m surprised they say they’re full for grade 8, 9 & grade 11.”

“This is time-consuming. We want to see our children at school on Wednesday. We will be here on Wednesday and we will take drastic action if they are not admitted at these schools,” explains one parent.


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