Vereeniging SAPS is investigating the death of Rethabile Mokotedi (23), who died on the 4th of January 2021. Her death has no doubt left her family and friends devastated and confused. She died at a doctor’s surgery in Vereeniging with no explanation as to how she arrived there as she resided in Sebokeng. One of her uncles took to social media, desperately seeking closure.

Rethabile Mokotedi, Facebook

My sister’s daughter died on the 4/1/2021 after having a fight with her boyfriend at his home the previous day, but surprisingly the boyfriend and his family claimed that she ran away at 2 o’clock in the morning of 4/1/2021,same day we found her dead at a doctor’s surgery next to mega pharmacy in vereeniging but nobody knows how did she get there wearing slippers late at night ran to vereeniging,surprisingly her home is just in the back street from her boyfriend’s home,, the question that we ask ourselves is how can she run to vereeniging rather than running to her home? The postmodern says she was poisoned, her boyfriend is the one who called my sister and told her that he received a call that her daughter is at mega pharmacy and critically ill,but him and his family never bothered to go and see for themselves what happened to her or just to call and ask about what happened.,they only came late in the afternoon to offer their condolences but the never came he gave her phone to his mother to bring it home he only came the day of the funeral with his family,,now a police officer handling the case is dragging his feet,he only took the statement from my sister and the girl’s boyfriend, and he is now quiet about the progress of the case, so we as family don’t know what or where to go or who to ask for help,, because we want to know what happened and find closure and justice if possible


During an interview with Lekoa FM, the family representatives clarified, “We are not pointing fingers at anyone. All we are saying is, we want to know what transpired, leading to our daughter’s death. We are grieving and still in shock as she was well when we last saw her. We are not saying she was murdered but we just want to know what exactly happened.”


Police spokesperson Captain Funda says that the case is still under investigation and encourages anyone with information to come forward to Vereeniging Police Station. He also ensures the family of the deceased that the police will leave no stone unturned to uncover the circumstances surrounding the death.