A stage at the venue of the mass funeral of the Enyobeni victims in Scenery Park, outside East London in the Eastern Cape, July 6, 2022..

Final touch-ups are under way at an open field in Scenery Park, outside East London, where a mass funeral for 19 of the 21 young people who tragically perished at a local Enyobeni Tavern last week is expected to take place on Wednesday morning. 

Two of the deceased were buried yesterday and this morning 19 empty coffins are expected to arrive at the funeral venue.  

Following a funeral programme which President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to be part of, two other people will be buried in private ceremonies, while 17 others will are expected to be buried between Friday and Sunday in neighbouring communities.  

It’s a hive of activity outside the marquee, on a chilly morning, as law enforcement officials from the South African Police Service and the Buffalo City Metro as well as members of the Emergency Services take their positions. Inside the marquee, final touch-ups are being done in expectation of large numbers of mourners from Scenery Park and surrounding areas, including family members of the victims, are expected to converge at the venue. 

A representative of the funeral parlour, Elaine Gogo, says an agreement about the process was reached with the families of the victims. 

“The families have also agreed that we must bring the coffins without their children. And then those who will be buried after this service, they [those families] will go to our agency [funeral parlour] in Mdantsane and then collect their loved ones for a private burial,” says Gogo.

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