Data from Census 2022 will help government plan better: Siweya

31 January 2022

Deputy Minister in the Presidency Thembi Siweya has visited Diepsloot north of Johannesburg to encourage people to take part in this year’s Census.

She is accompanied by officials from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA).

This will be the fourth Census post-democracy that Stats SA will be undertaking in which all people within the country’s borders will be counted.

Statistics SA says it will give respondents the option to complete the census questionnaire with or without the assistance of a fieldworker.

It will further allow respondents to access the census questionnaire remotely, enabling Stats SA to reach people in all areas.

Stats SA says the reason for a housing and population census is to assist government in planning better. In that way, it is better able to provide for its citizens’ needs.

Enumerators will visit people in their homes where they will be asked numerous questions including those related to demographics, income, health, and employment status.

The Census will kick off on Thursday and will run until the 28th of February.

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