About two weeks after releasing the track, Lala Ngoxolo – feat Emtee, Facebook has flooded with,’Rest In Peace, Ami Faku’ messages. Not sure if it has anything to do with someone posting ‘Ami Faku – Lala Ngoxolo’ or maybe someone has just decided to play a nasty trick on the songstress. Lala Ngoxolo means, rest in peace, though Ami herself is not dead.

The multi-award-winning South African songstress, born Amanda Faku is alive and tweeeting!

Her response to the rumours of her death on Twitter was simply, WTF??

Someone immediately asked how she is tweeting when she is dead.

We will all have people saying Rest in Peace one day, but for Ami Faku, today shouldn’t be the day because she’s still alive.


Ami Faku- Lala Ngoxolo