SPONSORED – Unlike other hospital plans that only pay for hospital related expenses, Fedhealth’s flexiFED plans go further by covering you for a range of day-to-day benefits as well – no wonder they deserve the title ‘supercharged’ hospital plans!

Take a closer look at our unique benefits paid from Risk to save you money:

Unlimited network doctor’s visits

On Fedhealth, members can see their GP as often as they need on most options, by either visiting any network GP or a nominated network GP (depending on the option).

Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge from hospital

This means that following a hospital stay, your treatment like physiotherapy, x-rays or pathology is covered by Fedhealth, and not your day-to-day benefit or your own pocket. Excludes follow-up consultations with GPs or specialists, and is not applicable to myFED.

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