WATCH: Local campaign raises awareness around doctors’ mental health

Some people tend to think of doctors as the professionals we turn to when we are suffering. We often forget that they are still people, who also need help from time to time.
The same applies to medical students, who study under immense strain as doctors-to-be. The mental strain on medical professionals working in South Africa can be immense, and it is well-documented that levels of depression and mental fatigue are particularly high among professionals who dedicate their lives to the treatment of others.
This why campaigns raising awareness about doctor’s mental health are important. Cipla has partnered with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group for #Socks4Docs to observe June 5 as a day to raise awareness about doctors and their mental health. 
The campaign was started by an Australian doctor, Geoff Toogood, who has experience with both depression and anxiety. The campaign seeks to reduce the stigma associated with depression and ultimately decrease the high suicide rate among healthcare professionals, by raising awareness about the issue.
The campaign comes at the right time where many of our healthcare professionals are dealing with stress and anxiety as they continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla South Africa says: “The central message of the campaign is that doctors are just like everyone else – simply humans, dealing with a lot of ‘stuff’, in a world that relies heavily on them. By doing something as fun and simple as wearing colourful, funky socks. South Africans will be (literally) standing in solidarity alongside these extremely important members of our society.” 
Take a look at how some doctors, influencers and celebrities participated in today’s #Socks4Docks:

Source: iol