Sports remains in Level 5!

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As the result sports people football people, in particular, are frustrated. For example, everyone waited in anticipation for the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to resume.

However, this will likely to happen only after SAFA task team submitted a report about the state of readiness for football to restart in this country.

SAFA in conjunction with Premier Soccer League (PSL) will then submit this joint report to the world football governing body FIFA about COVID-19 pandemic in football, the safety of role the players in football such as players, match officials, members of media and stadiums management amongst other things.

If FIFA is happy with all above mentioned factors, then it will give South African football a go ahead to resume with football activities in this country.

Weekends are no longer the same without football. To make it worse, some of the PSL teams can’t even afford to pay their staff members including players and coaches. Bloemfontein Celtics is one of the teams that recently make headlines. As the situation stand, there are talks that the club might be sold out of Free State and this has brought anger and tension between the loyal club’s supporters and management.

Back to amateur football, TOUCHLINE don’t foresee football returning any time soon because of the illegal tournaments that are mushrooming in Sedibeng every day.

This might be the end of many youngsters promising football career if they tested positive for COVID-19.