Rami Chuene launches her own foundation on her 45th birthday

Seasoned actress Rami Chuene has started her own foundation, which she also launched on her 45th birthday.

Taking to social media on Friday, the star celebrated the great achievement, explaining on the official Rami Chuene Foundation page that the project has been long time coming.

She said: “We are excited to launch on the special day our lovely founder was born @RamiChuene. This foundation is aimed at doing good where we are! We plan to make big and small positive changes in our community!”

Elaborating on what the foundation aims to do, Chuene said: “This is us. This foundation is genuine and is all about making a positive and fulfilling change. With the current state of affairs, a global pandemic, economic recession and just lots of losses. We noticed that we can make a difference and add some joy and good to someone’s day.”


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