Lasizwe: ‘If I was a girl, you girls wouldn’t be breathing’

Hold on to your wigs, ladies, because Lasizwe just came for you.

YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza said that if he was a girl, other girls would not be able to breathe.

This comes after the star uploaded a picture of himself wearing a lace front wig with some makeup on. In the image his moustache is still visible and the wig he is wearing appears to be thin.

A Twitter user who goes by @RealMrumaDrive and is known for editing a range of images social media users upload onto their accounts, took Lasizwe’s picture and edited it to make the star look like a woman.

In the edited version, more make-up is added, his moustache is removed and more hair is added to his wig.

After seeing the edited version, Lasizwe said, “If I was a girl, you girls wouldn’t be breathing!”



If I was a girl, you girls wouldn’t be breathing!

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However, he also said that he hated the internet for making a female version of the picture.


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