Gabola Church welcomes the sale of alcohol on Level 3

Pope Tsietsi Makiti, founder and leader of Gabola Church of All Nations is delighted that alcohol will be sold on Level 3. Photo: Facebook

SEDIBENG. – The founder of the Gabola Church for All Nations, Pope Tsietsi Makiti, has said that he is relieved to hear that alcohol will be available at liquor outlets throughout the country from Monday.

Makiti and his followers pride themselves in drinking alcohol during their services, they ‘baptize’ their members with alcohol of their choice and believe that alcohol is holly water that ‘believers’ can drink without fear of being judged.

“Thank God for the opening of liquor stores. It now means we can worship by drinking in the comfort of our own homes,” Makiti said.

Makiti, his wife and a few members of his church were recently arrested for converging and displaying alcoholic beverages in front of his home in Evaton North, in contravention of the Covid-19 regulations. Makiti and his wife were released on R3 000 bail each while the members were released on R 1000 bail each.

They will appear in the Sebokeng magistrates Court in June.

Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday announced that churches were allowed to operate on Level 3, which starts on Monday, but only with a maximum of fifty people converging and strictly following the Covid 19 regulations.