Accused sex offender Willem Breytenbach arrested

Willem Breytenbach, who has been accused of rape by Deon Wiggett, has been arrested.

JOHANNESBURG – Willem Breytenbach, who has been accused of rape by Deon Wiggett, has been arrested.

He was detained by the Western Cape Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit in Hartenbos on Tuesday.

Breytenbach is an entrepreneur who abruptly closed his business when accusations against him surfaced.

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He was formerly a Media24 executive and a teacher.

eNCA correspondent Louise Karsten said four men have opened cases against Breytenbach.

“The allegations have been piling up. This started after Wigget released a podcast where he alleged that he was raped by Breytenbach,” said Karsten.

Breytenbach is expected to appear in court on Thursday.