A well informed and empowered community is what we as Vanderbijlpark SAPS  strive towards as we keep fighting the good fight against crime. Such a well informed community are more alert and detour criminals. The following weekend crime and crime trends were reported.


Our crime still shows a decrease although murder, robbery aggravating and business

breaking have increased. House breaking cases and business breaking.

House breaking still have decreased, even though there’s a decrease a lot of houses have been broken into over the weekend where Sector1 CW area, Sector 3 SE area, Sector 4

SW area and Sector 5 Bophelong. Items such as laptops, tablet phones, cell phones,

TV’s, play station, radio, DVD player, microwave, washing machine, blinds, couches,

weed eater, mountain bike and jewellery were stolen.
Business breaking

Happened in SW5 a bakery was broken into chef equipment, cake mixer and a laptop was stolen. CW5 the school was broken into weed eater and the radio stolen. Schools are being targeted and storage rooms are being broken into.

We are pleading with the community that resides next to schools to report any suspicious movement especially at night and on weekends.
Common robbery

Happened in Bophelong Ext.9 a boy and a girl were fighting when a passer-by stopped and separated them both the suspects who were fighting robbed the passer-by his cellphones.
Robbery aggravating

Happened in the CBD two unknown female suspects approached the victim at about +-14:00 demand that she must give them her handbag, she refused suspect took out a firearm.

Victim had to hand over her bag which contained cell phone and personal belongings.

Females are back in our CBD committing crime.

Took place on the open veld of in CE1 where the victim was from drinking together with her friends who ran away when they saw a group of males approaching them separating themselves into groups, when one suspect searched the victim didn’t find

anything and took the victim to the open veld and raped the victim.

Business robbery

Happened in in Bophelong Ext.7 where a group of suspects stormed into the tuck shop

looted drinks and cash from the tuck shop, one victim managed to escape when the other

victim was stabbed.

2nd business robbery happened in NW7 where five suspects, one armed with a firearm

overpowered the security guards assaulted them badly and took the victims cell phone,

took the companies truck tyres. Vanderbijlpark is asking for community assistance

especially when they see suspicious movements bakkies coming from the side of NW7

and having loads and a lot of people on the bakkie to report the car and the registration

maybe it will help us to crack these business robbers and have an arrest.
Assault GBH and Robbery without a firearm

Victim was approached by a group of 30 suspects one suspect searched the victim took the cash, stabbed the victim, victim was taken to a local hospital.
Theft of motor vehicle

White Toyota Hilux was stolen in the CBD, black Gomotto motor bike stolen in CE5

white Honda Ballade stolen in SE3, gold VW Golf stolen in SE8.
Theft out of motor vehicle

Cash, firearm license, electrical system, sub woofer, speakers and a DVR were stolen

areas affected are Bophelong Ext.12, CBD and CE3.

The Vanderbijlpark SAPS managed to arrest a total of 15 people over the weekend for

various crimes. 0 illegal shebeen closed, 2 people arrested for driving under

the influence and 0 person arrested for drugs.

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FAX: (016) 933 7814 / (016) 910 9084